Anil Kapoor’s Hollywood Encounter

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Growing up during the eighties and nineties made me into huge Anil Kapoor fan. There were so many reasons to love him including his fantabulous acting skills and fun loving nature. Ram Lakhan is a movie I’ve seen so many times, I’ve lost count. Till date, I admire him for firstly, managing to stay in the game and give some of the most amazing performances. Secondly, for aging so handsomely and thirdly, for keeping his signature moustache intact making it look fashionable and cool even now. So when I read that he was going to be a part of Danny Boyle’s latest venture Slumdog Millionaire, I was ecstatic!

Good ol’ Anil of course received an SMS that Mr. Boyle wanted to see him regarding a movie and the first thing he did was ask his son. When the movie names such as Trainspotting and The Beach were mentioned, Kapoor realized what he was dealing with. He wasn’t worried about his length in the movie as that is only a worry in Bollywood. Kapoor had to do a lot of research into playing the host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Kaun Banega Crorepati), and decided to contact the producer of the show who helped him immensely. What does he think of U.K. starrer Dev Patel? “He was a thorough professional… We got along very well.” While it’s too soon to talk about awards for the movie, Kapoor also says he is open to the idea of Hollywood but is currently busy with his Bollywood career. So what does pretty gal and daughter Sonam think of his new avatar? “Sonam has loved my Hollywood film!” he says happily.

I will definitely be catching this one and wearing my “All time Anil Kapoor Fan” t-shirt when I walk into the cinema. This one is definitely worth a watch!

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