Anirudh Tanwar performs his own stunts for his debut movie Rajma Chawal

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Anirudh Tanwar, who will be seen making his debut with Leena Yadav’s next Rajma Chawal impressed everyone with his daredevil stunt in the movie. The actor refused to use a body double and insisted on doing the difficult stunt on his own.

Talking about the action sequence Anirudh says, “A scene in the movie demanded my character Kabir, to slide through automated doors at metro station. Initially, it looked fairly simple until we realised that the space was tricky. Our action director recommended me to not do the scene as it might cause serious hip injury. But, Leena wanted to take a single shot of the complete scene and using a body double would have led to jeopardizing her vision. Hence, I insisted on doing the stunt myself and after some persuasion Leena agreed for the same.”

Anirudh further adds, “The action director and his team were kind and professional enough. They first tried it by themselves and after studying it thoroughly they briefed me thoroughly, post which I could easily pull that off the scene in one go. I was really content and happy to be able to do it myself.”

Rajma Chawal will be releasing worldwide on November 30th on Netflix starring Rishi Kapoor, Amyra Dastur and Anirudh Tanwar in lead roles.

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