Anita Hassandani is Quite an Item

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Anita Hassandani, or Natassha as she has been known down south, featured in the scary Krisshna Cottage with Sohail Khan and Isha Koppikar and has now turned to doing item numbers with the hit song Kalaver King. “It’s a fascinating number and I really enjoyed dancing to it,” she says.

Anita is pretty much a house-star with Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Films these days, appearing in the soap Kavyanjali. Is she happy in this role? “I am extremely comfortable working with them,” she confirms, “Besides, for Kavyanjali I work all 30 days a month, so there is no time for anything else. And if ever I do get time, I concentrate on my South Indian films.”

So which of her names does she prefer – Anita or Natassha? “My name is Anita Hasanandani!” she exclaims, “For two years I had changed my name to Natassha, as I was asked to. But in these two years whenever I used to read my name anywhere, I used to get a very weird feeling, that it’s not my name. So finally I decided to get back to my original name.”

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