Another Hr in the Roshan family

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As soon as the announcement of the birth of Hrithik and Suzanne Roshan’s new baby boy was out, everyone was wondering what they would name him. Would it start with an Hr, like Hrithik and like big brother Hrehaan? The answer is yes, the new bouncing baby boy’s name is Hridhaan.

Grandfather Sanjay Khan said, “Hrithik and Suzanne’s bundle of joy is called Hridhaan. The name means ‘great heart’. By God’s grace, both mother and baby are doing fine.”

About Hrithik as a Papa, “He is a very good and responsible father and is very comfortable with his new son,” Nana Sanjay said.

The proud grandfather also revealed, “Well, Hridhaan is a good mixture of his good looking parents. Both his parents have good eyes and Hridhaan has large eyes most likely Hrithik”.

Suzanne and the baby are now home from the hospital and Hrehaan (which means fragrant one) is all ready in protective big brother mode. “Hrehaan is extremely fascinated and curious about his little brother. He is very protective about the baby and keeps telling everyone to look after him.” How sweet!

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