Another Look at Jordan aka Rockstar

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Ranbir Kapoor takes on the role of a lifetime with Rockstar. His character sketch reads: Janardan/Jordan: He’s a simple middle class boy, from a simple Delhi family. But his dreams are far from simple. Not only is his icon Jim Morrison, he wants to be an iconic rockstar himself. Little realizing what havoc a real heart break can cause, he’s naive enough to believe that if he gets his heart broken, he will suffer enough anguish required to become a great musician. But then he meets Heer and he’s drawn like moth to a flame to this cool and classy beauty, who seems absolutely unattainable. He finally gets that heart break he’s wanted so much; and the torment of that unfulfilled love unleashes in him the musician that he always wanted to be…but also extracts a terrible price… Ranbir , in his most challenging role as he metamorphoses from a wannabe Delhi geek to an iconic, charismatic and pioneering rock star, whose edgy, angst ridden music is but a reflection of his anguished soul.

Through the fabulous promos we have seen so far, we have been getting glimpses of the journey Ranbir’s Jordan character goes on through the movie Rockstar. Though many of these promos have been lighter moments or the fabulous song promos and though in those it has been hinted at we get to see more of the darker side of the character in these two powerful dialogue promos! We have said that Ranbir got lost inside this character and these scenes prove it all the more!

Watch and be intrigued!



If you have not checked it our read our interview with Ranbir about Rockstar here. The film, directed by Imtiaz Ali and co-starring newcomer Nargis Fakhri opens this Friday, 11-11-11.

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