Anurag Kashyap helps out brother Abhinav on Besharam

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13oct_Abhinav-Anuraj-Kashyup-BesharamWhilst Anurag may be known as the king of high class cinema, his brother Abhinav is easily the darling of the masses. His debut film Dabaang is still one of the highest grossing Bollywood films of all time and set the template for ‘rural masala’ films for the industry. Since then the new new benchmark is the ‘200 crore club’, on which Abhinav says “Of course I do hope the film enters the new ‘Crore club’…but this isn’t my sole motivation.”

There is clearly more than meets the eye with the Besharam director, where despite the mass commercial appeal and presentation of Besharam, a lot of work went actually into the developing the script and making the film. Abhinav shared, “I’ve written over 14 drafts of scripts before finalising the last piece and undergoing production.”

For those of who are die hard fans of brother Anurag’s work and type of cinema, you may be interested to know that even Anurag helped out with advising on the script, Abhinav said “Every time I gave the script to a friend, to my star cast, or even to my brother Anurag, they all made suggestions towards it. All of them asked questions. I incorporated all those changes in my final draft.”

There are a high expectations for Besharam, given Ranbir’s last two films did so exceptionally well at the box office and who can forget Abhinav’s Dabangg? But we believe you won’t be disappointed, given Abhinav remarks that, “A good script has to flow smoothly and since I have followed that philosophy, I’m confident that Besharam will deliver.”

Well, I guess we’ll all find out very soon when it releases this week…

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