Anushka & Gopichand in Love?

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According to inside rumours, love has blossomed on the set of Shourayam between Tollywood hotshots Anushka and Gopichand. The pair first starred together in Lakshyam but it is the current movie that they appear to have tumbled head over heels for each other.

Anushka currently has three movies lined up for quick release — Baladur opposite Ravi Teja, Chinkatayala Ravi opposite Venkatash and then the Gopichand movie. Anushka is also excited about her role in Arundhati, an upcoming woman-oriented movie, “It is a performance oriented film. I am doing two characters that belong to two different time zones. It deals with a problem faced by a woman in ancient days,” she says.

What would be Anushka’s dream role? “I would like to do all sorts of characters. My mindset is not fixed on glamour roles. You have a great number of those artistes coming and going all time to time. Innovation in cinema is a continuous process. So are the demands of filmmaking and the subjects… and characterization. Any artiste with a true heart for performance will never be bereft of opportunities.”

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