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Provoked director Jagmohan Mudra brings to screen another female dominated thriller this April. Titled Apartment, Neetu Chandra and Tanushree Dutta will be seen together once again after their big commercial stint down South, Theeradha Vilaiyattu Pillai. Joining the girls are Rohit Roy and Anupam Kher in prominent roles. The film tells the tale of two flat mates and the mystery behind the life of one of them. Bappi Lehiri adorns the ‘composer’ hat and joins hand with lyricists Syed Gulrez and Virag Mishra. As for singers the album has a list of popular favourites such as Sonu Nigam, Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan to name a few. So, read on to find out if the musical team is successful at creating an album as thrilling as the movie promises to be.

Candy Man & Candy Man (Remix)
When the songs starts you really don’t think it will turn out to be the disaster it actually is. Perhaps that’s the magic of Sunidhi’s voice that suits almost every genre including this hip-hop styled number. But the moment the chorus “I’m a candy man, tera candy man” starts you feel like running a mile away from the speakers and the words don’t get any better for the verses. Clearly lyricists still haven’t gotten the hang of making hip styled songs with English lyrics and insist on just putting together a bunch of English words and hope that the listener has no knowledge of what they’re actually saying. It’s absolutely disastrous as far as lyrics are concerned. Bappi Lehiri’s composition is outstanding and it’s a shame that’s overshadowed by the atrocious lyrics. Perhaps the track will still do well in clubs and for those who are less critical of lyrics. You’ll also find a remix to this number at the end of the album so try it out if you’re looking for a different tempo, apart from the change in tempo it doesn’t boast of anything new.

Yeh Hai Mumbai & Yeh Hai Mumbai (Remix)
Sonu Nigam comes in next with rock ‘n’ roll/rock styled number titled ‘Yeh Hai Mumbai’, which thankfully has much better lyrics than the earlier track. It’s great to hear Sonu doing something that he rocks at and that is a loud number filled with emotions. After his success with ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, composers seldom give him numbers like this, they keep him in the romantic genre. Thankfully Bappi Lahiri recognises his versatility and gives us Sonu in an out and out rock-star avatar! The album includes a remix of track also but it’s nothing too special to rush to.

Ankiya Na Mar & Ankiya Na Mar (Remix)
‘Ankiya Na Mar’ is the next track that brings in the ‘Desi’ feel for the album. Shilpa Rao lends the vocal to the track and as always impresses. While the verses and introductory lyrics are apt the chorus is a let down. There also seems to be lack of creativity in the lyrics – you hear the same line being repeated in various notes. The track is strictly okay, nothing memorable. Oh and there also is a remix which just seems to be the same track with a shot of caffeine because the energy and beats have just been pumped up. Another one of those remixes that has just been included to fill up numbers on the track list.

O Jaane Jaan (Sunidhi)
We move onto a very soft number next with Sunidhi transforming herself from what we heard in the opening track. Titled ‘O Jaane Jaan’, the track has exceptional music and shows a new side to Bappi Lahiri. Music is contemporary but the use of classic Indian instruments as well creates a beautiful blend with the soft acoustics. This one is a definite highlight of the album thanks to the beautiful compositions; the more than apt lyrics and Sunidhi’s absolutely divine vocals.

Ghar Dil Mein
The volume goes up once again after the soft ‘O Jaane Jaan’ with Javed Ali and Shreya Ghosal’s duet ‘Ghar Dil Mein’. This one is another out and out Desi number in the classic Bollywood style boasting of beautiful harmonies. Lyrics are comical but don’t have the charm required. Composition is definitely catchy and foot tapping but the lyrics definitely lack something. Listen to this one for yourself and see if it suits you.

O Jaane Jaa (Shaan)
Shaan comes in next with his version of ‘O Jaane Jaa’. He’s equally divine in the beautifully composed romantic soft number. In his recent tracks, it has seemed that at times the emotion in the voice of the popular singer has been lacking, but there definitely can be no complaints from this track because he truly hypnotises you!

Final Verdict
Apartment was an album with a lot of potential because of the amazing compositions by Bappi Lehiri. He reinvents himself and proves to the current crowd that he still has what it takes. Sadly for Bappi-Da his lyricists Syed and Virag let him down tremendously and pull down the whole album. The only saving grace of the album are the two versions of ‘O Jaane Jaan’ and ‘Yeh Hai Mumbai’, but sadly that won’t be enough to put the album in the ‘pass’ category.

Our Rating

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