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All I know of Jagmohan Mundra’s latest film is that it houses Neetu Chandra and Tanushree Dutta. So naturally, I expect a film of the Girlfriend kind ala Amrita Arora and Isha Koppikar, with lots of exposing and possibly a few scandalous scenes. However, apparently this is not a skin-flick and in fact “inspired” by the Bridget Fonda film Single White Female, which I haven’t seen by the way. So obviously there is an apartment involved and no points for guessing that obviously something happens in the apartment between the ladies and the only male protagonist in the film, Rohit Roy. How similar does the situation sound to Girlfriend? Alright so its review time and Apartment it is this Friday.

So when Tanushree Dutta decides to kick live-in boyfriend Rohit Roy to the curb suspecting him cheating on her, she realizes she needs a flat mate. Enter Neetu Chandra, simple and sweet; perfect to share her home with. They become friends and very soon as close as sisters. However, Chandra’s possessive obsessive nature soon surfaces and she is keen to not only become Dutta but take over her life. Before you know it, she has taken over the apartment, her belongings and has her eye on Dutta’s man.

There is only one reason to watch this film: if you have been tied down to a chair and have been told you will be shot dead if you don’t. Otherwise, Apartment is nothing short of trash. The women do nothing but parade around in skimpy clothes which I suspect is what director Mundra hoped would bring in the masses. I’m not sure if this overdone formula works anymore. And yes, my observation of it being closely related to Girlfriend was spot on. While in the prior we have Neetu playing the infatuated renter, in the latter it was Isha. Either way both films talk about a close relationship which two women share.

Where do I even begin with performances? Neetu Chandra is the only real reason to watch this film and even then I wouldn’t venture out to watch this nonsense. Tanushree Dutta is as good as furniture in the film… sorry apartment. Rohit Roy hams. Anupam Kher is around. A special mention must be given to Kher’s cat whose performance is commendable.

The verdict: Stay in your own apartment; this Apartment is a dump.

Our Rating

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