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For years, the Deol’s have been a name to reckon with in Bollywood. Led by legendary Papa Dharmendra, Beta’s Sunny and Bobby have also established themselves as prominent actors over the years. In Anil Sharma’s Apne, the trio comes together for the first time in a film about family, relationships, and home. They are also joined by the hot-and-happening Shilpa Shetty and delicate Katrina Kaif.

Before you venture into the music of Apne, I shall warn you, it is a Reshammiya album. And no, he has not done anything different this time. It’s the same old Himesh, with a mix of dance and romantic tracks. If you’re continuing to let the album play, I must say, you’ve got guts.

In an attempt to start the album off on a rocking note, Himesh storms onto the scene with Mehfooz. I must say, this formula of taking one or two lines and repeating them a hundred times is getting extremely tedious. I feel like I’m listening to a broken record! Though I must admit, the song isn’t so horrendous. However, it’s really nothing special. Also, has anyone else noticed that the instruments used in all Reshammiya songs sound identical? Naturally, there is a Remix version by Akbar Sami which simply integrates a bunch of loud beats into the original version. Reshammiya fans go for it! Everyone else, keep away—far, far away.

From fast to slow, Dekhoon Tujhe Toh Pyaar Aaye is a pleasant change. Probably the most tolerable track of the album (that Himesh has sung), it’s nice and melodious. However, one wishes that Himesh was replaced by another singer here, as he is at his nasal-best! Akriti Kakkar’s voice is soothing. The Remix is much better than most remixes in Himesh’s albums because the beats don’t overpower the song.

The void of Himesh’s name under the title track Apne is an accomplishment in itself! In fact, Sonu Nigam, Jayesh Gandhi and Jaspinder Narula are at the helm of this track and it feels so unbelievably wonderful to hear other voices in the album. It’s primarily a Sonu track, and although he’s had better songs, his sheer existence in the track uplifts it tenfold. Easily, this is the best track of the album—sweet, melodious and classy. The lyrics are nice as well. Finally, there is NO remix version!

Reshammiya is back with Shaan, Kunal Ganjawala and Amrita Kak in a Punjabi-flavoured track titled Ankh Vich Chehra Pyaar Da. Within the ‘Reshammiya genre’ (yes, he has his own genre now!), the track is a routine fare. Remixes make a re-entry into the album, and this one completely sabotages the song.

Bulls Eye is a complete turnaround from what we’ve heard so far in the album. With Earl teaming up with Shaan, it turns out listenable but it’s definitely a situational track. Keeping in sync with the boxing theme of the film, it seems it’ll work better in the film.

Sonu is back (with Jaspinder Narula), so non-Reshammiya fans can smile once again! Only two minutes long, Tere Sang takes off from where the title track ended and is just another version.

Considering that it’s the first time that the Deol’s will be starring together, the album Apne is disappointing. Barring the title track and to some extent ‘Dekhoon Tujhe’, Apne offers nothing special and certainly nothing worthy of the Deol-combo. Reshammiya fans, continue to worship your man in the cap and grab the album. For the rest of us sane human beings, check out the Sonu track and don’t bother with the rest.

Our Rating

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