Applying Eyeliner

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When applying make-up, women tend to emphasize their best features in order to bring attention away from their flaws. Some women dazzle with amazing smiles, while others have eyes that shine brighter than the sun. I am a part of the latter group; with eyes almost too large for my face. I’ve found that eyeliner is the best way to define eyes, as it draws much more attention than mascara or eye shadow.

Though there are a few types of eyeliner, the most common are liquid and pencil liners. Liquid eyeliner is easier to apply, as it glides onto the skin; however unless your hand is extremely steady, mistakes are quite common. Pencil eyeliners, on the other hand, are a little bit more difficult to apply, yet mistakes can be avoided and easily corrected.

Liquid Eyeliner
It’s best to only apply liquid eyeliner on the top lash (unless you’re an expert). I find it easier to pull my lid taut and apply a thin line slowly. Rest your elbow on a surface to steady your hand. After the preliminary line, re-draw over your mistakes. Beauty experts often advise us to correct errors with a q-tip dipped in make-up remover; however, I don’t agree with this because most of the time my errors are too tiny for the end of a q-tip. Perhaps you’d like my advice instead: use pencil liners until your hand is extremely steady! I’ve found that colors for liquid eyeliners don’t vary as much as pencil liners and the most common are: black, brown, and grey. If you’re lucky, you might find other colors as well.

Pencil Eyeliner
Pencil liners are my favorite, as they are easy to use and quite precise. Pencil liners are often shaped like a normal pencil: one that needs sharpening. The type is the mechanical pencil which doesn’t need to be sharpened. I prefer mechanical pencils because all you need to do is give it a twist, which is so much easier than sharpening. When applying eyeliner, it’s easier to pull the eyelid taut because this prevents dragging. Start off with a light, thin line. Do this slowly to make sure the line is straight. After that, go back and make the line darker and thicker if you wish. Pencil eyeliners can easily be used on the lower lid as well. Pencil liners come in numerous colors such as black, brown, grey, green, blue, purple, silver, gold, along with many others.
While it can be difficult to apply eyeliner at first, with practice anything is possible. Once your eyes are amazingly well-defined, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it!

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