April Releases Wave Good-Bye to Multiplexes

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Since the advent of multiplexes, life in the world of cinema has never been the same. Business and creativity both positively benefited from the advent, however now it looks likes the future relationship of multiplexes and cinema is looking very grim.

In a recent board meeting all producers have combined to announce a ban of releases in multiplexes from April 4th onwards. The ban has been placed due to differences between producers and multiplexes on the subject of receivership post releases. It was explained by the producers, in particular Mukesh Bhatt, that they are simply asking for their share of ticket revenues generated from the films which they are not fairly and justly receiving currently. Mr Bhatt also explained to Mid-Day that multiplexes generate revenues from several other aspects of their operations such as parking and retail of food and drinks, and it is not from these operations’ revenues that they want any shares. It’s merely from the ticket sales that they demand their shares which is rightfully of the producers regardless.

No word has been heard from the other side yetm however if this ban indeed takes effect it will definitely affect both parties greatly as well as the audiences at large for whom multiplexes have become a common way of life.

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