AR Rahman on the challenges and especially the excitement Producing 99 Songs

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For the highly anticipated 99 Songs, music maestro AR Rahman is donning a new avatar of producer and writer for the first time. The incredible trailer, which was recently launched, has created tremendous curiosity about the upcoming musical drama. So much so, that film and musics fans cannot wait to see this come to life onscreen.

We have some special quotes from Mr. Rahman from a recent event of the movie about his work as producer of the film.

When quizzed about taking on the role of producer, a delighted Rahman said, “I feel like I have been reborn since the time I have decided to turn producer. It’s an entirely new feeling.”

Adding, “It’s like being born again as a new man. When I started as a film music composer, I already had ten years of experience. But as a producer, it felt so new and seemed like I was starting all over again.”

He also discussed the challenges of making a film, “I wanted to leave no stone unturned in giving it my best. Also, since I was working with other debutants – the director and the actor – I was reminded that I have a completely new team and we had a modest budget. I didn’t want to spare any effort in presenting it well and try to make our own epic.” (Smiles)

So, was he a regular on sets during the shoot? “I knew that if some important scenes needed to be expanded, I ensured I would be present on set,” he said.

However, because of a budget constraints there were times when his sides composer, writer and producer were in a bit of a conflict. Especially, because he did want to make this film the best epic it possibly could be, “Our executive producer would tell me that we have time constraints and will have to wrap the scene in a day while I was keen on four because those are the scenes that need love and complete justice. It’s an art to balance between creative and commercial. However, if you get too creative then you may have to sell your property”, he laughingly added.

“It is a first attempt and I hope we have done our best. My wife and daughters have been a great support”, he signed off.

The movie is directed by debutant director Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy and will release in three languages, including Hindi, Tamil & Telugu. 99 Songs will also introduce to Bollywood a fresh new face, Ehan Bhat.

Presented by Jio Studios, the film is produced by A. R. Rahman’s production company YM Movies and co-produced by Ideal Entertainment.

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