Are you ready for Heartbreaker Kangana and Heartbroken Imran Khan in ‘Katti Batti’

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One of the films we can’t wait to see and even more one of the jodis that we can’t wait for is Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan in Nikhil Advani’s Katti Batti. We think Kangana and Imran’s refreshingly eclectic pairing will really steal the show. Set to release on September 18th, this is a love story with a twist.

A roller coaster ride of emotions and quirky moments, Katti Batti is an anti-love story with Imran Khan as Madhav Kabra (Maddy) and Kangana Ranaut as Payal. Madhav is a slightly geeky young architect that does not seem to know quite what to do when he meets the free spirited Payal who has no qualms about throwing caution to the wind.

Talking about her character Kangana said in a recent interview, “For an actor, playing such a character can be very overwhelming and if you are young, it can give some staggering impressions on your mind. I remember after I used to finish shoot I would just cry every night and then my mother came over and I even cried with her thinking about so many things. So, definitely this is the most intense character I’ve ever played in a film.”

This is offbeat romantic film revolves around Maddy and Payal’s live-in relationship for 5 years until a sudden turn of events when Payal leaves Maddy mid-way. Why, you may ask. Well you have to wait to see this contemporary rom-com.

But here is Maddy’s heartbreak in song!

In case you have missed it check out the trailer

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