Are you ready for the Curry Smuggles Season 3?

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Ever tire of the same old ‘ghissa pitta’ Bollywood music? Ever think that, gosh… I wish there was a channel I could flip to which played the best tunes from South Asia and the world that wasn’t commercialized beyond belief! Did you ever need a soundtrack for a time when you needed some time to yourself to escape into your mind and reflect? Well – we have just the cure for what ails you. The Curry Smugglers Show!

Curry Smugglers is a show that began in September of 2009 as an alternative choice to other podcasts and shows available in the south asian/desi arena out in the world. Fed up with the classifieds ads, DJs and RJs talking over music and endless repeats of old Dilip Kumar movie songs; the fab duo of Sachin and Paresh took it upon themselves to launch a brand that caters to everyone’s tastes and manages to satisfy all listeners. Their main focus is on remix and club productions, but once in a while they’ll do a show around Lounge, Rock and Romance.

Curry Smugglers has become synonymous with what’s hep and cool in the desi scene for music. Never ones to back down from a challenge, the Smugglers take it upon themselves to showcase talent from various parts of the world and give their take on Bollywood and Hindi/Urdu music. Add to that the ability to pick eclectic tracks out of obscurity and play them on the show; then throw in a 20 minute non stop high energy music set and you get one hell of a musical hour.

They let the music do the talking and are one of the only shows that will invite artists for a no holds barred tete-a-tete about their music, upcoming ventures and state of the industry today. Armed with a growing network of DJs, producers and artistes, Paresh and Sachin also chat and connect with their fans on a personal basis. These gents are primed to get really big in the upcoming year. Are you ready cause season 3 of the Curry Smugglers starts on Sunday May 23rd and you should dive in headfirst and smell that curry!

You can check out the show on iTunes here and on Soundcloud here! To find out more follow them on Facebook here and Twitter @currysmugglers!

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