Arijit Singh launches ‘Tum Hi Ho’ UK Tour at London Press Conference

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14aug_ArijitUKTourPressConf02Bollywood playback singer Arijit Singh attended a press conference on Thursday night to launch his ‘Tum Hi Ho’ UK tour. Organised by Rock on Music, the 27 year old heartthrob arrived in London on the very same night as the press conference. Hence, despite the tiredness and jetlag; he was gracious enough to take some time out to interact with the UK media about his upcoming concerts at the Indigo2 in London and at the De Montfort Hall in Leicester. Arijit has catapulted to superstardom in just one year following the huge success of his song ‘Tum Hi Ho’ from Aashiqui 2 (2013). He is now one of the most bankable singers within the Bollywood film industry and is renowned for his charismatic voice.

BollySpice was at the press conference and we managed to ask Arijit a few questions ahead of his UK tour. We asked Arijit which platform he finds most comfortable performing as a singer; a concert hall or a recording studio. “Well both of them are different and it depends on the work you are doing,” responded Arijit. “Live concerts are always exciting, obviously because you have the live crowd in front of you and we sing together so it’s an interactive process. But in the recording studio it’s a technical process. And you also have fun in the recording studios because you have friends like the sound engineers and the musicians. But that’s a different experience altogether. Both the things are different, but fun in the same way.”

We also asked Arijit how he feels given that he has enjoyed a snowball of success in just one year following the success of ‘Tum Hi Ho.’ “This happens and it’s not the first time it’s happened,” said the award-winning singer. “These things have happened for those who have achieved something. So I think this one year has been the most important year for me and it has given me all the things I think someone would expect from his career.”

Asked by another reporter which is his favourite song from his back catalogue so far, Arijit gave this response. “My favourite is definitely not my songs. I love songs from Ghulam Ali and Jagjit Singh. My favourites are from the legends and I seriously don’t count myself in. So sorry to disappoint” (audience laughs).

Speaking about the band which he will be performing with during the two concert nights, Arijit had this to say. “The band is definitely not Bollywood. We are a little off from Bollywood sort of musicians because we do covers of our own sounds, but you will have to come down and hear it. What I can say though is that it’s an alternate kind of genre and I think you will love it.”

Arijit Singh will be performing at the Indigo2 in London on Friday 29 August and also at the De Montfort Hall on Saturday 30 August! More information about the ‘Tum Hi Ho’ tour can be found by clicking on the following link:

Meanwhile check out the cool pictures of Arijit at the London press conference, which was organised by Rock on Music!

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