Arjun Rampal: “I have more credibility as an actor”

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Arjun Rampal’s career is on a great path and he is still riding high after his masterful performance in Om Shanti Om. He has several new films in store for audiences including: the much awaited The Last Lear, which is set to release in June, his current project Rock On and even a few more. He recently sat down and talked film, life and love; here are some excerpts from the interview.

Arjun is very happy with where he is in life now and said, “I’m at peace.. I’m a father of two lovely daughters. I count my blessings every day, I knew I’d get here and know where to go from here.. to different levels.”

Like every actor he has had a low phase in his career and about that he said, “I felt as if I was being slapped on the face, that was my reality check. Before and after a film’s release, I’d get hysterical inside, but would hide this from my family. I was on the brink, I didn’t know where life was leading me.”

But his family was whom he leaned on and especially his Mom and wife Mehr. About Mehr he said, “Mehr is more mature than I am.. mentally, she’s very grounded and unaffected.” Speaking of Mehr, when asked how many times he has fallen in love, he replied ala Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, “Love happens once in a lifetime and I’m in love with my wife. I don’t ever wear my heart on my sleeve, I’m not one of those who kiss and tell.”

Talk then turned to Om Shanti and Om and Arjun admitted that at first he did have reservations about the role, ” Initially, I did.. particularly because of the older part in the film’s second-half. I thought it would require too much make-up, that sort of a thing. But after I did a look test and Farah (Khan) spoke to me about the graph of the role, I was at ease.”

After seeing his performance Amitabh Bachchan gave Arjun a huge compliment, ” After its trial show, he hugged me and said, ‘I’m so proud of you.. your life will change now,'” Arjun revealed.

Did Mr. Bachchan’s prediction come true? ” Of course, I have more credibility as an actor. I feel much more confident, all there.”

Arjun also has some business ideas swimming around that gorgeous head of his, “Ideas about a fashion line maybe, film production maybe, real estate, a restaurant-turned-into-a-lounge. I can dream of such ideas because my career and family lives are stable, touchwood.”

Besides Rock On, which he just completed, Arjun has several other films in the pipeline including, EMI and a new film Fox, directed by Depak Tijori and co-starring Sunny Deol. He also has plans for projects with his home production company but would not say much about those.

We will keep you posted about all of this fine actor’s new projects so watch this space for more!

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