Arjun Rampal – Just interested in acting

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Arjun Rampal, the actor with the sexy-voice, is now concentrating solely on his acting career and is no longer interested in modeling.

The actor is very happy about both Om Shanti Om and The Last Lear, his latest projects he has just finished work on. “I am very excited as well as worried about OSO, it is a huge venture. The Last Lear, meanwhile, was an interesting experiment. Delivering your dialogues was a bit weird, and Amitji, Preity and I used to pull each other’s leg and say, ‘How Indian do we sound’. I am playing a filmmaker in the movie,” Arjun said.

Since he has been working so hard there has not been much in the rumor mill about him and Arjun says, “I haven’t heard a rumor about me in a long time. I guess they are all scared of me.”

There have been comparisons made between Arjun and his wife Mehr to Posh and David Beckham, but to this Arjun says, “I would love to have David’s bank balance. And, thank you very much, I like Mehr as she is – much more real than Victoria Beckham.”

It seems now his modeling career is no longer interesting to Arjun at all. In fact he says, “…I am done with modeling. And I don’t miss the ramp at all. In fact, when I met Rohit Bal in Turkey, I told him I am not walking the ramp at all now, no matter what. I don’t enjoy walking the ramp as I used to.

Earlier, it was different; the fashion industry was young and booming. It is just a boring job now.”

Adding that, he thinks that is why many models/actors are now just using modeling as a stepping-stone to get to Bollywood. “This way they don’t give their 100 per cent to either modeling or Bollywood. They lack the dedication and passion required for the job.”

And what does Arjun do when he is not working hard on his movie career? “I recently tried water skiing and fell on my face many times,” he said laughingly.

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