Arshad Warsi and Jackky Bhagnani promise good entertainment with Welcome 2 Karachi

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welcometokarachiIn the times when hits are difficult to come, films are seldom taking an opening, disasters are the order of the day an anything even remotely entertaining is lending some hopes of revival for Bollywood, the promo of Welcome 2 Karachi has made many stand up and notice. Just when it seemed that it would be a while before one would get to witness a good out and out comedy on the big screen, the arrival of Welcome 2 Karachi has indeed turned out to be a welcome moment for all involved.

“What has impressed most is the camaraderie that Arshad Warsi and Jackky Bhagnani are sharing in the film. The makers have done well in taking an out and out comic route, considering the fact that all of a sudden the laughter quotient has simply dried up in the film industry. It is as if filmmakers have stopped trusting audience to laugh at their jokes. However Vashu Bhagnani, who has made a career out of making countless comedy films (remember Govinda-David Dhawan films?) has clearly stuck to the basics. His intentions are well in place – ‘Deliver a family comedy’. Period,” comments a fellow filmmaker.

No wonder, Arshad and Jackky seem to be following the instructions to the T, if their antics in the film are any indication. As two friends who get into a misadventure of the most unlikely kind (in a witty turn of events, they find themselves in Karachi with no passport or visa), the duo is clearly living up to the moment without being least conscious of the fact that their ‘dumb and dumber’ moment has already landed them into deep trouble.

“The fact that Arshad is clearly enjoying his outing in front of the camera is quite obvious. After all, his sense of humor is quirky in any case, and that’s what the stage and setting of Welcome 2 Karachi requires. However, the real revelation seems to be Jackky Bhagnani,” says an insider, “This is his first two hero film, and there is an altogether different Jackky on display. If in his last release Youngistan he showed that there is a mature side of him which was waiting to be unleashed, with Welcome 2 Karachi he is pretty much showing that there is his naughty-n-mischievous self that was somehow not tapped to the fullest.”

Well, credit could well go to director Ashish Mohan who started on a heavy-duty note with Khiladi 786 and while as a first timer he showed that there was a spark waiting to be ignited, in case of Welcome 2 Karachi he seems to be on fire.

“No wonder, all the jokes on India and Pakistan are narrated in light humor, instead of turning dark. After all, that’s what you expect from the protégé of Rohit Shetty,” says a close associate of Mohan – the man who has assisted Shetty on the entire Golmaal series, as well as Sunday and All The Best.

So while there are no blowing Scorpios on display (as yet at the least), there are some contemporary jokes on WhatsApp, Skype and YouTube on display for sure. As for the new find love and affection for the word ‘ban’, the promo pretty much hits the punch hard. Check out the promo to know!

Also starring Laruen Gottleib, Welcome 2 Karachi is set to hit on May 21st

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