Aruna Shields & Her Neanderthal Friend

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Aruna Shields, destined to make an impressive debut in Prince is looking forward to her next release, AO-The Last Neanderthal, which was shot in Bulgaria. “It’s an epic-adventure based 30,000 years ago in a lost savage world,” she says. The French movie tells the tale of the gentle AO who works hard to live a decent life in the fierce climactic conditions of the Alps. Things start to go wrong when he is targeted by a fierce clan of homo sapiens.

The British actress, who was educated at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music & Drama and earned a degree at the UK’s top art school – Central St Martin’s in London, is set to take Bollywood by storm in much the same way as Katrina Kaif. She admits that acting is in her blood. “I love to act,” she confirms, “When I was a child, I was a part of all the school plays. As a teenager, I loved stage and during holidays worked with theatre. My first UK agent spotted me at a theatrical workshop and signed me. I just love my job!”

Aruna’s intimate scene with Vivek Oberoi in Prince is set to ignite the screens in April, but equally audiences will be stunned by her all-action performance. The young actress is skilled in a number of arts including shooting, martial arts, absailing, scuba diving, sky jumping, gymnastics, belly dancing, snake-dancing and flamenco. The challenge to scriptwriters will be how to use her skills to the fullest!

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