Ash-Abhi Ditch Mani Ratnam

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The newly-weds Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan made quite an entrance in the duration of the Cannes festival of 2007. They left many people in awe, and the couple shined on the red carpet. While it may have been Abhishek’s first Cannes, it is not new for Mrs. Bachchan, nevertheless they both looked lovely and outshined the rest. Well everyone knows that the Ash-Abhi duo were planning to leave early to get back to their extended honeymoon, but not everyone knows who they left disappointed. Mani Ratnam, director of the movie Guru, had requested Ash-Abhi to stay for the premiere of Guru. Ignoring his many attempts, Ash-Abhi left for their honeymoon. It was said that the couple believed Guru was a thing of the past and their honeymoon was more important right now. Sources close to Ash confirmed that she was doing her best to enjoy her honeymoon right now and didn’t want anything to come in the way. Of course, director Mani Ratnam is not too pleased with their behavior, and will be left to promote Guru by himself.

It has also been confirmed that Aishwarya will not be attending any of the promotional events of Jodha Akbar, which has received major hype in Cannes. I doubt director Ashutosh Gowariker will be too pleased to be left alone promoting the film, hopefully Hrithik Roshan will save the day by helping to promote the much hyped film. (Well he is a superhero, is he not?)

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