Ash Extremely Upset

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is apparently inconsolable after her ex-beaus, have both been talking about their torrid relationship with the ex-Miss World. According to a close source, she simply cannot understand why her ex’s have decided to dig up details from their public affairs and talk to the world about it. In more recent times, Salman Khan has openly claimed that he has never hit or touched Ash in the wrong way. More so, he has not shied away from answering questions about Ash whenever the media has posed any simply claiming that, “The press keep asking.” Vivek Oberoi has gone on to speak more openly about the press conference he called after he was threatened by Salman Khan numerous times. Apparently, he was not appreciated by the gesture he did for the love of his life, namely Aishwarya Rai and instead she chose to call him immature.

Ash who has been shooting in Goa for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Guzarish has taken a no comment stand on the topic but has taken the latest happenings very badly. A close friend to her claimed, “We feel what Mr Khan and Mr Oberoi are doing is very ungentlemanly. It’s unchivalrous to talk about any lady who has moved on to a new phase in her life. It is especially wrong when the lady is very happily married. Her life revolves around her two families now. What happened in the past is done and over with.” He also added that apparently Ash had no idea about the press conference Vivek had called and was shocked when she heard of the news. “Vivek is an adult and he should take responsibility for his actions. Why blame Aishwarya if his career didn’t take off. Do these two men realise how much her career suffered? She lost so many films because of her past associations,” the friend also added.

The actress is currently shooting for Guzarish and Raavan, both of which are said to be “her most difficult and challenging roles.” She does not want any distractions while she is working but did claim with tears in her eyes after she had heard of Vivek’s interview, “I’m living my life the way I want. I wish others would do the same. Just let me be.”

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