Ash-Rani: End of Cold War?

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By now everyone is aware of the infamous Ash-Rani face-off during the making of Chalte Chalte. Aishwarya Rai was replaced with Rani Mukerji when the beauty queen’s then boyfriend Salman Khan created havoc on sets. Rani happily stepped into Ash’s shoes apparently oblivious to the fact that the latter was upset with her for not being informed of this unlikely event.

However, years have gone by and the two have moved on with their respective careers. There was much speculation as to why Rani was left out of the Abhi-Ash wedding guest list, and when asked about this, she diplomatically stated, “I’d rather not go in there”, not wanting to discuss the topic any further because she didn’t have anything worthwhile to say.

Talks sway to Abhishek, and as always the Bong beauty has nothing but kind words to say about her co-star admitting that she always believed that Abhishek and her make a good pair on-screen, also adding that it is his humility which makes him so special.
Coming to Ash, as shocking as it may sound, Rani says “There’s no problem between Ash and me. It’s just that everyone has moved on in life, that’s the thing that has changed between Ash and me”.

Whether Rani is being honest or just politically correct is best left to our imagination, although from her statements, it looks like she doesn’t hold any grudges towards the new Mrs. Bachchan.

Who knows, we just might see a re-union of sorts between the two in the near future, but only time will tell!

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