Ash’s Lesson on Time-Management

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has recently been taught a valuable lesson in time management from Vipul Shah. The actress is currently shooting with Akshay Kumar in the upcoming romantic-action film Action Replay in Mumbai. However, sources on the set claim that the Bachchan bahu has not been professional on the sets and in fact turns up late, and spends too much time fussing about her hair, makeup and clothes. Not only has this behavior caused much delay on the sets but also angered director, Vipul Shah.

The director decided to take things into his own hands and teach the actress a lesson on timely fashion, especially on his sets. It seems that as usual, Ash had arrived on the sets, fretted about her clothes, makeup and hair for many hours and finally declared herself ready to shoot. The director is said to have shot for exactly “one minute” before declaring a pack-up. An astonished Ash is said to have “openly expressed her displeasure” to which the director shot back, “Apne sets pe sab time par aate hain aur sab time par jaate hain” (on my sets, everyone comes on time and leaves on time.”

Clearly Shah was not impressed with the otherwise professional actress. One does hope she learnt a quick lesson in time-management and decides to shed the fussy attitude for a more professional one.

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