Ashutosh Gowarikar slams Sajid Khan

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It is award season in Bollywood and as much as we enjoy seeing the stars walking down the red carpet in their designer wear, we also look forward to hearing all the drama that occurs during the ceremony. At the recent Star Screen Awards, host Sajid Khan caused quite a few stars and starlets to raise a few eyebrows with his controversial comments. After a while, the remarks began to sound vile and insulting to the nominees and winners. Most of the actors decided to let Khan bask in his nonsensical glory, but ace-director and winner of the best director award Ashutosh Gowarikar had had enough. In his opinion, the audience had come down to hear the acceptance speeches of the winners and not his “audacious comments.” After a few exchange of heated words, Gowarikar simply told Khan to “shut up” as he walked off stage. “Funny-man” Khan, of course, came back with a quirky reply claiming that, “Nobody’s father can stop me,” which caused a few actors in the audience to drop their mouths in shock.

Then rushed in sister, choreographer and director Farah Khan who quickly attempted to do some damage control. She calmed down Ashutosh and clarified that all of brother Sajid’s comments were to be taken in “good humor,” but Ashu was not satisfied. She further went on to say that “Even during the Oscars, recipients are not allowed to speak beyond 40 seconds.” The intelligent director replied, “People are not made fun of at the Oscars,” to which Farah had no reply.

The two have since apparently made up and sorted out their differences, but one can’t but wonder…will we see Sajid hosting another award ceremony in the future?

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