Asin and Katrina Dancing in Circles

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It looks like the Salman – Shah Rukh battle is affecting Katrina Kaif’s professional life yet again. If sources are to be believed then Ghajini star Asin is looking to be cast opposite Shah Rukh Khan in an upcoming Yash Raj project that was initially considering Miss Kaif.

Rumours are that it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Asin either. Sources say, “The Yash Raj project was to go on floors during 2009 but Asin was committed to do a Priyadarshan project co-starring Akshay Kumar.”

The fact that Kumar had recommended Asin to Priyadarshan caused further problems. Walking out of the Priyadarshan production would have hurt Akshay Kumar — especially after the recommendation he gave. Saying no to the Yash Raj production would mean not only was she refusing one of the most reputable production houses in the industry but she would also be turning away an opportunity to work with one of the biggest stars in the industry. A double edged sword in a manner of speaking.

However, luck seems to have helped Asin out of her slight predicament, as Akshay announced date issues for 2009 and has provided Priyadarshan with dates for 2010. Now with dates available for 2009, it looks as though Asin is free for the Yash Raj Production.

You would think that the story would end here, but buzzing around the industry is news that Asin may be replaced in the Priyadarshan project with Katrina Kaif. Dancing in circles? Seems so.

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