Asin gets stalked!

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Southern beauty Asin had an unpleasant episode recently when in Singapore. She was stalked by a fan who simply ignored all the security arrangements surrounding her in a hotel and walked up to her to begin a conversation. “He told the guards that he had come from Indore, India and wanted to talk to her at any cost,” said a friend, “He tried every trick in the book to convince them and succeeded.”

Asin is looking forward to the release of London Dreams, her movie with Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan, delayed due to the multiplex dispute, and is enjoying her stay in Bollywood. “Getting a national audience, complete with their warmth and applause is a big high, but what makes working here a joy is the absolute regard Bollywood has for actors and technicians from the South,” she said.

When asked about other Bollywood bound actresses from the South, Asin refuses to get drawn into any comparisons. “I want to concentrate on myself,” she explains, “It’s better to be that way than lose focus. I am trying to push my own limits. I am keeping my fingers crossed that some interesting roles come my way.”

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