Asin Meets with James Cameron

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During his recent visit to India to discuss the state of movieland, James Cameron met up with southern actress Asin. “Asin and James were both present to bring in Aamir Khan’s birthday and they had a great time,” said a source, “Aamir even joked to Asin asking her to put a single candle on his cake as opposed to 45 of them. James Cameron even pulled Asin’s legs to the extent that he asked her for her autograph.”

Earlier in the day, Asin had spoken eloquently during the debate Change: Idealism v Reality where she expressed the view that the movie industry would continue to churn out mediocre and repetitive fare until someone took a stand. “Everyone is a commodity, exactly replaced by the next talented non-name,” she argued, “If a formula works, then it’s flogged to death, new ideas are dammed. Mediocre products will continue to be made unless someone stands up and says – I will not do it, and then be prepared for the fall out- which in the case of an actor I can say onestly is lesser endorsements, lesser PR and lesser visibility.“

Asin certainly appears to be networking with as many Hollywood folk as she can find and it’s clear where her ambitions lie. She recently attended a screening of Lawrence Bender’s anti-nuclear bomb warning Countdown to Zero. “ I know Lawrence Bender through a common friend of mine and he’s a wonderful person,” she explained, “I thoroughly enjoyed watching Countdown to Zero as I completely support the cause of the film. I’m all for abolishing nuclear weapons from the face of the earth.”

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