Asin Shifts her base to Mumbai

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Southern superstar Asin is moving with her parents to Mumbai in the wake of her success in obtaining starring roles in Ghajini and London Dreams. “I’ve been travelling non-stop,” she explains, “I had no time to look around and find a place. But now we’re finalising a place in Bandra. Hopefully, by new year I’ll move into the place. Right now we feel a little unsettled. In Mumbai, you desperately need your own home.”

Asin denies rumours that there was a rift with her co-star in Ghajini, the British actress Jiah Khan. “Is that really me?” she asks, “I’ve worked in South Indian films with female co-stars and never felt insecure. I worked with Nayantara in the Tamil Ghajini without any conflict. Why would I feel threatened by Jiah?”

Asin recently unveiled Salman Khan’s paintings of Ghajini which he had done for his friend Aamir. What did she think of them? “I’m very surprised,” she said, “I’d heard of Salman’s hobby but I think it could be a good career option for him rather than just being a hobby. They are fabulous – I’m just at a loss for words.”

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