Asin Speaks Out

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Now that the promo video for Ghajini has been carpeted all over the music channels of India and the UK – turning male office staff into quivering wrecks at the sight of Asin in a gold lame evening gown and short razor-sharp hair – the new A-list heroine has been released by Aamir to talk the press – and she’s taking full advantage! Finally, she is able to defend herself against some of the allegations tossed her way over the last couple of weeks. Did she force Vipul Shah to buy her a 2-crore pair of shoes for example? “Go and ask the designer of the film if such a thing had happened. I wasn’t allowed a chance to defend myself and that was very unfair,” she says.

And what about her relationship with fellow actress, Jiah Khan? Have they been fighting for space? Jiah was reputedly annoyed that Asin steals the limelight in the promos – “I find it very cheap that somebody would make an allegation like that,” says Asin, “I have started to get a taste of how unprofessional some people might get. I am not designing the promos of the film, there’s a company in charge of that.” It’s said, however, that the third promo, released just before Christmas, will focus on Jiah.

Meanwhile, Asin has been talking about the most desperate time in her life. When filming a Tamil film in 2004 on a boat, the boat began to sink. Suddenly, everyone was tossed into the water. “It was a Titanic moment,” she says. “I remember an assistant director shouting, ‘Somebody please save Asin.’ Just as she was going under for what she felt would be the last time, a hand grabbed her. “I felt I had reached the limit,” she explains, “Suddenly I felt a tug. Somebody was pulling my shirt collar.” It was her father! “When he saw me go under, he jumped in. Thanks to him, I have a second life!”

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