Asin to the rescue

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In Ghajini we saw the southern diva Asin being quite the good Samaritan but it seems that the actress not only put up a show for the film but in reality really is a good Samaritan. Recently while traveling on one of the busiest roads of Andheri, Asin saw a little boy completely puzzled and in the middle of the road and instantly jumped out of her car, over the barrier to lift the boy and then fall herself while still saving the boy. At the time the actress felt no pain whatsoever but later on the bruises from the fall came out on her arm. The bruises were such that now only long sleeved costumes will be used in her upcoming photo shoots. When contacted by the media for a comment on the incident, the actress politely replied that it is a personal matter on which she does not want to comment. Well, all we can say is that we can never have too many selfless celebrates setting such a great example. Way to go Asin!

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