Asin with a hint of Salman

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It has been quite sometime since we have seen Asin Thottumkal grace the big screen with her talent. She was appreciated with many awards for her portrayal of Kalpana in Ghajini and for her performance in London Dreams; however, one can sit and imagine how silly it must have been for Asin to do work so sparingly with two big budget, successful films under her belt. Some may say that this is the sign of a brilliant actress in the making, taking time between films and dedicating herself to one role at a time, but this can also be attribute to a lack of film offers as well. Only time will tell.

However, to keep our eyes busy for the time being, Asin will be seen opposite Salman Khan in the upcoming film Ready, and she is all praise for the Bollywood superstar. According to Asin, Salman is an extremely grounded individual and has no unintended qualms to any of his actions or his personality in general. This will be Asin’s second film with Salman Khan after London Dreams, so the mere fact that Asin has agreed to work with Salman a second time most certainly speaks to Salman’s stature as a credible actor in the film industry, and also his professionalism and passion as an individual. She says, “Working with Salman is just fun. We share a great bond and comfort level and therefore work becomes pleasure. I think the interaction I had with Salman in London Dreams kind of helped to have a comfortable relationship in Ready because of the rapport created. He is always very supportive.”

Futhermore, Asin also takes in upon herself to clear up some tabloid rumors that linked her up with the megastar claiming that he gifted her a lavish apartment in Mumbai and various lush gifts, such as pets and much more. Asin was quick to put down the rumors and comment upon the more serious issue, that being tabloid journalism. Earlier, such rumors and fabricated stories would upset Asin, but today, she smiles. She says, “It’s funny because I wish I got all those gifts. Earlier, such reports used to upset me. In the South, there is not much tabloid journalism and I wonder why people write or fabricate such stuff. And what irks me is that people come to you for clarification for other people’s imaginations – but I am getting used to it. I have learnt to ignore it,”

Rumors or no rumors, Asin is getting “ready” to appear on the screen once again and here is hoping that her second innings with Salman Khan results in box office success!

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