Asin’s Maid has World’s Most Overprotective Mother

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After finishing work on Kamal Hassan’s Dasavatharam, Asin made the move to Bollywood to pursue her career in Aamir Khan’s next movie, Ghajini. Naturally, she took her maid, Beulah, with her. That’s when the trouble started.

Clearly enjoying her first real taste of freedom, Beulah took the opportunity to create a bit of distance with her overly protective mother, Naohmi, by turning her mobile off. No doubt, like most young girls these days, she has a second mobile that she uses with her friends.

Beluah’s mother rushed to the local police station claiming that Asin had abducted her daughter and was holding her in Mumbai! She demanded that they rescue her and reunite her with her family! A few phone calls, however, seem to have sorted out the problem with Beulah having to report to the station in Chennai to reassure them that she was working for Asin voluntarily. “I was not kidnapped or detained illegally by Asin or her associates,” she explained. “I have been working with Asin both as a maid and makeup artiste since she made her debut in cinema five years ago. A few months ago, I voluntarily went with Asin to Mumbai, where she is shooting for a film.”

The police station explained they had followed up the case to be cautious. “Beulah told us that she could not come to Chennai as her schedule was hectic. She had switched off her mobile to avoid the calls from her house. Her mother had often troubled her asking for money,” said a policeman. “She did brief us over the phone from Mumbai but we also wanted her to give us a detailed account in person to ensure that there was no foul play in this. That’s why we had asked Beulah to come down to Chennai and depose before us.”

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