To ask or not to ask, that is the question

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Lets face it. Interview can be repetitive. Especially when you are the one answering the questions. For the b-town movers and shakers, there is only so much that can be expressed, especially when questions cross boundaries into personal life.

14jan_ToAskOrNotToAskScreaming matches, fist fights, temper tantrums and blatant disregard for public circumstances are just a few of the scenes we have heard or maybe seen at press meets or interviews. However some celebrities take on a professional front and answer like the likes Katrina Kaif, even if the question grate the nerves. But others veer towards sharper answers like her beau Ranbir Kapoor whose temper has been witnessed a few times. In his case of a budding relationship mobbed with questions, the chance it takes a toll on the relationship is something he knows well. So to an extent the sharpness is natural. Yet its not just the personal front that gets the stars ruffled.

Aamir Khan is known for his interest and involvement in social causes yet prefers to be a law-abiding citizen with conscience mind for mankind, not as a leader as he himself has stated with his “no intention to enter politics” statement. That doesn’t stop the question of a possible debut.

Whether its Aishwarya being called Ash that agitates Jaya or the word Bollywood for Amitabh, the pet peeve questions vary from star to star. Lets hope our fellow interviewers can keep up.

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