Ask Fari Aunty

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Which came first: the egg or the chicken?
I would expect such a question only from someone like you. It’s none of your business who came first… need to be on a veggie diet anyways.

Is the glass half full or half empty?
At the moment, it’s full empty.

Who actually did let the dogs out?
My mad next door neighbour.

What are your views on toasters? Are they needed?
I bloody hate them. I only burned myself 5 times. No they are not needed.

What goes up must come down. What goes around comes around. What about…what goes in must come out?
It does come out duh. BABIES!

Should that be a part of the karma motto?
For sure. We will have less teenage pregnancies.

I had this BIG weggie! I mean BIG weggie… give me a break… I was wearing sweat…. any who…. I was in a lecture hall and it was like 5 hours long… okay that was exaggerated but it was like an hour long….. What should I have I done? Because when it was over man I felt like I could breathe again!
Do what I usually did……….in the middle of the lecture scream “FIRE” and run out like a wild man!

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