At Raj&Pablo’s Love Bollywood CD launch

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They are the face of Bollywood in London… and they’re all set to re-define themselves all over again. Monday, 25th October marked a very special day in this duo’s calendar because this was the day that Raj&Pablo’s album, Love Bollywood, was released. Love Bollywood is an album named after the BBC Asian Network show hosted by the two every weekend. It features tracks specially chosen by Raj&Pablo and brings together some of the most popular tunes of Bollywood all in one Bollytastic double CD. Having had album success previously, this is the pair’s second offering but this time, it’s with a difference. It not only offers the Bollywood boffins all their favourite tracks, but also gives those new to the genre a well-rounded feel of the music the industry is so renowned for. Our writer Amrita Tanna was at the launch event and she gives us her insider view of the Bollywonderful event!

The twosome, dressed in red, gold and black to match their album cover, were in clear anticipation to launch the album they had worked so hard on… this was, after all, EMI’s first taste of the Bollywood genre. As the attendees began trickling in and the club started to fill up, it was time to begin.

The gorgeous Sophia Haque stepped onto the stage and started with a warm welcome, followed by a brief introduction to the popular hosts. As I stood next to the guys, I couldn’t quite believe the looks on their faces&… could it be? No way! Was it…? Yes, I think it was… NERVES! Amazing but true. I mean they are Radio hosts, great entertainers and with their vast talents, it was difficult to envisage why they were so obviously uneasy. However, it soon became clear to me how much this project means to them.

As they both spoke about their choices on the album and their experience working with the EMI team, it was evident that this was a very heartfelt dedication to all their fans and, more on a wider basis, all Bollywood fans. They thanked everyone for their attendance and their support in an endeavour to bring Bollywood to the forefront in yet another ground-breaking and fresh way.

Next up, ThreeBee, the talented Bollywood dance group – mostly known as a getting to the semi-finals on Britain’s Got Talent – were introduced by Haque. The dancers, also dressed in red and gold in keeping with the theme, performed to a combination of Beedi (Omkara), Nagada (Jab We Met) and Jai Ho (Slumdog Millionaire). The three tracks feature on the Love Bollywood album and ThreeBee, brought them to life on the stage. Their dazzling costumes and lively presentation brought a rather filmi feel to the launch and the onlookers were more than pleased with what they saw.

The event wouldn’t have been complete without one particular familiar face. Although a late-comer, the actress was instantly in command of attention when she arrived… yes, none other than Nina Wadia. It was because of a play written by the talented lady that Raj&Pablo had come together. Wadia, best known currently as Zainab Masood in British soap Eastenders, came to support the two and show unity between mainstream media and Bollywood, it seems. The actress had briefly crossed over to Indian cinema with her role in Namastey London as Katrina Kaif’s mother. Wadia’s presence, albeit on a personal equation, seemed to complete the event in a way no other person could have. She is also the voice behind the Love Bollywood advertisement, which is featuring on terrestrial channels as well as popular Asian channels today.

There was also a representative from B-town present Shibani Batija – writer of My Name is Khan. Her special appearance came as a welcome addition to the already diverse crowd and also cemented Raj&Pablo’s obviously close connection with the Bollywood film fraternity.

We, at Bollyspice, wish Raj&Pablo much luck for their album and may it be so popular that it warrants many more follow-up albums… because we love them and we Love Bollywood!

Love Bollywood is available at all major supermarkets and music stores, as well as all online music shops. Grab your copy now – it’s well worth it!

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