Atif Aslam throws water bottles to fans

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This could happen to anyone. I was in Amsterdam, had just seen the movie Kites, came out of the theatre only to see that the Atif Aslam concert, which was in the venue next to the theatre had ended. There was only one thing left to do. I went to see if the popular singer was still around!

This was the second time Atif Aslam visited Holland in the span of two months. I had seen his earlier show, so there was no specific reason for me to go this time around. So, as I said I was at the theatre with my two best friends to see Kites. Once out of the theatre, we saw a lot of Indians and South Asians walking out of the venue called HMH. We knew that this meant Atif’s concert had finished. We took a chance and went around the back to see if we could get a glimpse of him.

Once at the back of the venue, we didn’t see anything. We were thinking of heading back to the car park, get the car and just drive home. But then we saw Atif getting into the elevator and so we decided to stick around for a while.

We wondered what floor he went too. It didn’t take too long to find out because we saw the singer hanging out of the window. He even invited me and my friends to come up for the meet & greet. But how should we get inside? Well, we had to figure that out ourselves.

We got a video so check it out!

After he spoke to us, we saw a lot of people heading towards us. The funniest thing happened; Atif was hanging out of the window, but nobody saw him or paid any attention to the guy who was sitting comfortably at the window. However, then Atif started to greet the fans and thanked them for coming to the concert. That drew the attention of not only young girls, but also woman in the category of ‘housewives’ and aunties. It was interesting to notice what kind of effect the guy has on women. They just kept screaming.


At one point a lady screams to him that she wants his hat. No way, is he ever going to throw his hat. But she continues asking saying: It doesn’t matter what you throw, just do it! That got the man thinking. He went inside and came back with a chair. Okay, he didn’t throw it, of course. His fans kept screaming and finally he comes back with a bottle of water. He opens the bottle, throws some water outside, closes the bottle and throws it. Fans jumped on the bottle.

But that is just not enough for these fans. Atif came back with another bottle of water. He does the same thing. Everyone who didn’t get a bottle of water is still screaming for more. Then Atif throws a plastic glass filled with beer out of the window. Security catches him doing that and sadly then the party is over. I had seen craziness, but over the years woman have gone totally mad over Indian and Pakistani artists.

Here is more of the video we shot that night.

Half an hour after the incident, Atif comes downstairs to leave the venue and return to his hotel, but before he does that, he greets the last couple of fans who had waited for him.

Atif has left the building…

Atif leaving HMH

Not something we or his fans there will ever forget!

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