Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?

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Unwanted guests are always a pain. The worst are those ones who refuse to leave or constantly bombard you with nonstop demands and if they are a bit of both, then you pretty much look for excuses and ways to get rid of them. Director Ashwni Dhir can probably identify with the situation and so he decided to make a film about a guest who discards the idea of leaving and instead of being the ideal guest, becomes a pain in the butt guest who makes the life of a young couple, very hard. Ajay Devgn and Konkona Sen Sharma star as the married folk who are stuck with an atithi (guest) played by Paresh Rawal in Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge? . In the most hilarious of ways, or so we are told, the couple attempt to get the unwanted overstaying visitor to leave.

Uncle Lambodar (Paresh Rawal) comes to Bombay to visit and stay with his nephew Puneet (Ajay Devgn) and his wife Munmun (Konkona Sen Sharma). The couple are surprised at the arrival of an uncle that is virtually unknown to them, but of course, they cover up their irritation and make him feel ever so comfortable. After a while Uncle Lambodar stays beyond his expected stay, interferes more than he should and eventually the couple start thinking of different ways to get rid of him but to no avail. Uncle Lambodar doesn’t get it for the most part and looks over their indirect hints.

The best aspect of the film is that the audiences can relate to the plot of the film very easily; everyone has dealt with a guest who refuses to leave or meddles in affairs which they really shouldn’t. While the actors collaboratively spoke of how the film did not contain any sleazy cheesy dialogues or situations, it was quite the opposite. There are many situations that could be seen in a Golmaal and immediately you realize that the film is another cheap shot at a comedy that could have been different but succumbed to the same dodgy banter. However, the crude humor is normally appreciated by the majority of the Indian audiences.

What is really adorable and sweet about the film is the subtle way that religion and duty has been woven into the film. The Ganesh Chaturthi festival and Aarti’s are beautifully entwined in the film. Cute. However, then the film goes into a complete limbo. All of a sudden the couple move into a hotel which is raided? Whaa? Then a goon is hired to beat up the uncle. Far-fetched. And lastly, the nonstop gas passing becomes extremely gross by the end of it.

In terms of performances, you have to hand it to all the cast, especially Ajay Devgn, who takes on a role that has no real starry air to it and he does a great job of it. He does have a great knack for comedy and he does a great natural job. The same goes for Konkona Sen Sharma. Her natural acting works well in this film yet again. However, the scene stealer is Paresh Rawal. By far the actor does an amazing job as the guest from hell.

Overall, this is a great film to watch on a lazy Sunday. And you will more than easily be able to relate to the film because of its incredibly relatable plot. Filled with a humor and a fun plot, with some unnecessary slapstick lines, the film is one to watch for these very reasons.
Enjoy this unwanted guest; it’s a joy-ride.

Our Rating

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