Avantika Kapoor Threatened

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Rising actress Avantika Kapoor has lodged a complaint with the Oshiwara police after receiving a series of threats on her mobile demanding that she withdraw from her latest movie. “A non-cognisable case has been lodged against an unidentified person for threatening her with dire consequences if she continues to work in Mahi Mahi, the shooting of which is now under way,” APC Dilip Suryavanshi said. “She was told to withdraw from the movie in which she is playing the lead role.”

Avantika had been a little doubtful about taking the film in the first place. ,”When Faisal Saif offered me a lead role in this film I was very happy and excited but when he narrated me the story all my excitement evaporated,” she says, “This not a routine kind of a boy meets girl type story. In fact it is the story of a love between a Shia boy and a Sunni girl. I know an old rivalry is going on between Shias and Sunnis all over the world and lot of blood has flown on the streets due to the traditional rivalry between these two sects. Until now no film has been made on the romance of a Shia boy and a Sunni girl.”

Until now, Avantika’s exposure has only involved non-controversial promotions – with SRK for an Airtel commercial, and video albums with artists such as Hard Kaur and Apache Indian – so she is understandably feeling nervous about being thrust into the limelight in her first movie.

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