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For her new film, Ayesha Takia plays an animation-dubbing artiste and since life sometimes imitates art, she is also actually dubbing for an animation film. Her role as a dubbing artiste is in Sunday, which opens today, and her job as a dubbing artiste is for Nikhil Advani’s animation film.

About Sunday Ayesha said, “When I decided to be part of Sunday, I just wanted to have fun after the serious Dor and even more serious No Smoking. And I did have loads of fun.

“But initially we hadn’t chosen a profession for my character. When Rohit suggested a dubbing artiste I jumped at it. I don’t think any heroine in our films has played a dubbing artiste.”

Since a dubbing artiste has to be able to produce many different voices, Ayesha had to work on sounding perfect for her role, “I watched a lot of cartoons, but I found the voices very shrill and unnatural. I wanted to bring in a more natural tone to my voice. A professional dubbing artiste, Vikas, and the veteran sound recordist, Rakesh Ranjan, helped me with getting it right for my dubbing artiste’s role.”

For her job as a dubbing artiste, Ayesha will be the voice of a baby cheetah for Advani’s film. “I get to speak for a cub named Yuvraj. Nikhil wanted me to dub in my natural voice. That was more fun than assuming an unnatural pitch. What added to the fun of this whole experience is that all of us who speak in Nikhil’s animation film – Akshaye Khanna, Boman Irani, Govinda and me – sat together, worked on our dialogues at rehearsals and then Nikhil designed the film on our voices,” she said.

Be sure to check out Sunday, in theaters today and check back here often for more news about Ayesha Takia’s other exciting projects!

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