Baar Baar Dekho Music Review

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It may be the era of commercial films, but soundtracks are taking on commercial with a bit of quirky to stay on the billboard. More and more films are setting the stock standard to be multiple composers, each showing a flare and providing a bit of diversity along the way. Nitya Mehra’s directorial debut Baar Baar Dekho has a mix of new and old to offer for the Siddharth Malhotra-Katrina Kaif starrer. Upcoming composer Jasleen Royal is joined by the likes of Amaal Malik, Bilal Saeed, Arko and Baadshah on this six song soundtrack. The romantic drama is out September 9th, but before the film, let’s see if Baar Baar Dekho works as a soundtrack.

First up is Kho Gaye Hum Kahan. Written by Prateek Kuhad and composed by Jasleen Royal, the song flows like the wind as a love story blossoms before our eyes. Sung by the writer-composer duo, it’s simple and sweet, both lyrically and instrumentally. No extravagance required, just a chilled-out duet that you croon along to or sit back and think of those blissful moments in life.

Sau Aasman swings into gear a banjo-filled foot tapper. Kumaar gives the necessary pep for a dance number but it’s Neeti Mohan and Armaan Malik that add the flying in love effect. It is rare to see a country tune fit into mainstream Hindi soundtracks but this number does the job. The only downside is it reminds you too much of ‘Buddhu Sa Mann’, also by the composer.

The album shift in mood with Dariya. Arko steps behind the mike again but unlike ‘Saathi Re’ from Kapoor And Sons, the song doesn’t fill you with a sense of longing and waiting with bated breath as the lyrics describe. Instead you have a lacklustre affair that might work with some visuals.

Jasleen returns with another song in complete contrast with the first. Nachde Ne Saare is your typical wedding clip of laughing faces and everyone dancing. It’s loud, it’s quirky and it’s been done a million times. Along with Jasleen, Harshadeep Kaur and Siddharth Mahadevan try to bring some original bounce to the song but it doesn’t take away the fact you easily forget the song once you play it.

Teri Khair Mangdi by Bilal Saeed is from his own 2013 Twelve album, albeit with a slower tempo. Keeping the hip-hop feel to it, Bilal has also removed the rap from this version and Kumaar joins him for the lyrics. Yes it’s a revamp, but fits perfect into package of a heartbreak ballad yet retaining the contemporary feel to it which will help it stay on the charts a while longer.

Lastly but no doubt, the latest party starter, Kaala Chashma. Another rehash by Baadshah, he keeps the vocals by Amar Ashi from Prem Hardeep’s original cult classic, but boosts the beat and adds Neha Kakkar for a sultry quotient. There is nothing else that can be said since the track has been on repeat since its release. However, one does wonder was all the auto-tune really necessary.

Overall, Baar Baar Dekho has a party anthem, a ballad, a duet, a wedding song and a visuals-might-save-it song. The complete package it doesn’t strike you as album of the year nor one that would last on your playlist for more than a year. Kho Gaye, Sau Aasman and Kaala Chashma are the picks of pack that will stick around for a while but it’s like the soundtrack has next to nothing to do with the film, which has a pretty interesting trailer. Only time will tell if the film will pick up where the soundtrack left off.

Our Rating

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