Baba free until September 27th

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Today Sanjay Dutt and his lawyers reported to the TADA court to receive a copy of the courts judgment. Farhana Shah, Dutt’s laywer and Dutt appeared before Judge PD Kode, and during the proceeding they were informed that they would be presented with the papers on September 27th.

Until that time Sanjay is free on his interim bail. He does have to report to the Central Bureau of Investigation office every Friday, and once they receive the papers he will have to surrender and be taken back to jail. However, his lawyers will then be able to apply for regular bail and the appeal to overturn the verdict will go in front of the Supreme Court.

Outside the court, Dutt reiterated he has faith in the judicial system and said, “I love my people. I love my fans. Thanks. Thank you very much. I thank the press. Thank you very much for being supportive.”

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