Baba released!

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Sanjay Dutt was released from a Pune jail on Thursday on an interim bail. Only interim because once the TADA court papers of the judgment against him reach his lawyers he will have to return to jail until bail can be requested again. It was three days after the interim bail was granted, but Sanjay flew home to Mumbai and was received with great joy by his family, friends, as well as many many fans.

In a prepared statement Sanjay said, “In all humility, I thank all those who prayed for me during this period of my life. I thank all those who stood by me and my family and supported us so firmly. I intend spending this brief period while I’m on bail working on my case with my lawyers. I have full faith in the judicial system; I respect the law and will abide with it. I once again like to thank the film industry, all my colleagues and friends and above all, my fans for their support. I particularly thank my family for their unconditional and unending love and support.”

Adding, “I also thank all my fans in Pune who stood outside the jail waiting for me, I’m sorry I could not meet you all but thank you for your prayers. I was overwhelmed by your love. I could hear you when I was inside the jail, and your love kept me strong.”

His return to jail sadly could be as early as August 27th because that is the date the TADA court has said the papers will be given to his lawyers. However, his lawyers are working hard on his appeal and hope to get him released on bail again until a final decision is made. They are also requesting in their appeal before the Supreme Court that some other punishment besides prison time be given to the actor.

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