Bachchan Cannes Nightmare

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Abhishek Bachchan is officially saying “No” to taking pictures with any fans while his time at the Cannes Film Festival with wife Aishwarya. It seems that after Bachchan Jr. was photographed, with Claudia Ciesla, who incidentally is being deemed as Salman Khan’s latest love interest and is a nude model, the actor has been more weary about whom and where he is photographed. According to sources, Abhishek had no idea as to who she was until a naked picture of the model appeared on a German gentleman’s magazine.

“Abhishek didn’t even know who she was. Even after the photograph came out, he couldn’t recognize Claudia. It took him a long while to realize this was a photograph taken at Cannes randomly, one among many that must have been clicked with him and his wife Aishwarya,” claims a source close to Abhishek.

Ever since the incident, Abhishek has decided to decline any picture-taking offers and stay closer to his wifey. Ash of course, has found herself in yet another sticky spot with regards to this years Cannes Festival. After her red carpet war with Sonam Kapoor and the L’Oreal account, this is yet another situation she has to deal with.

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