Badmaash Company

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Starring Anushka Sharma, Shahid Kapoor, Meiyang Chang (F4, Indian Idol), and Vir Das as a gang of friends who get caught up in glitz, glamour, and fast money in 1990s Mumbai, Badmaash Company seems set to be the film equivalent of a fun night out at the clubs with your own gang of friends and the good times are helped along with a soundtrack by that master of the good-time song — Pritam.

The album opens with a driving electric guitar riff that leads into Ayaashi. A syncopated percussion line anchors the song as it bounces along through horn hits, guitar solos, and a saucy performance from K.K. The remix keeps the feel of the original but styles it for the club floor.

Jingle Jingle, sung by Mohit Chauhan, Master Salim, and Farhid, is a topsy-tuvry slow jam that alternates between a funky and contemporary guitar loop on the verses and a chiding bhangra riff on the chorus. The mesh of styles is done very craftily and makes for an interesting track that adds a bit of depth to the lyrics.

From almost the complete opposite end of the spectrum is Chaska, sung by Krishna, a straight-forward mid-tempo tune that hangs from a clockwork drum beat. The constant refrain of “chaska chaska” sticks in the ear like the dutiful piece of bubblegum it is but the remix by Joshilay picks up the pace and sets the “chaska chaska” free from the mechanical pulse to boogie on the dance floor.

Pritam provides a little soul with Fakeera, an energetic and very modern sounding slice of Sufi-flavored rock, which has Rateh Fatah Ali Khan doing what he does best. His vocals slide over the heavy rock beats like honey and the breakdown, which has him singing duel lines, is a real treat.

Finally, there is the title track, Badmaash Company, which bursts out of the speakers like that other Shahid Kapoor hit ‘Dhan Ta Nan’. Sung with a hearty swagger by Benny Dayal, ‘Badmaash Company’ rolls up armed with half a bottle of black label and ready to party.

Overall, Pritam has captured a nice mixture of moods and styles on the Badmaash Company album all of which are a lot of fun. You won’t find anything deep and meaningful between the raucous brass lines of ‘Ayaashi’ and the winking vocals of Benny Dayal but you will get a ‘badmaash’ album perfect to add some spice to your playlists.

Our Rating

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