Badmaash Company Battles

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The film may have released, done decently well and even had its share of initial issues ala the star cast and director but even leading up to its release, the Badmaash Company clique found itself in a messy tantrum. While promoting the film with the rest of the star cast, Shahid Kapoor and Anushka Sharma landed up in quite the argument on live television.

All was going well until Shahid was asked what it was like to work with all the newcomers. Shahid replied, “Yes, these young actors are relatively new and take a while to get into the groove.”
Uh-Oh. Shahid was met by some obviously angry co-stars who showed their anger at his answer. However, Shahid went on to further state that he felt Vir Das was a “miscast” for his part. Anushka Sharma found herself defending her co-star. “You didn’t cast for them, so how can you say that?” Shahid defended himself naturally, “Why are you jumping in? It’s between me and Vir!” To which Anushka retorted, “Shut up, Shahid!”

Shahid was visibly upset and let Anushka know exactly how he felt about her, “This is an old habit of yours, Anushka. So just let it be,” Shahid coolly responded. The stars realized the tension and made their ways to their respective make-up rooms.

Shahid later on informed the producers of the show, “I don’t like this at all. It was like sitting in a grill session. I’m not too pleased.”

And with that the Badmaash Company crew walked their own ways home.

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