Barbara and Hrithik do their own stunts!

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On the sets of Kites, both Hrithik and Barbara learnt some tips of acting from one another. While Hrithik saw Barbara’s belief in her instincts as the best guide to acting, Barbara saw Hrithik’s determination and dedication towards his work and took some cues from it.

When the lady saw Hrithik rehearse for action scenes, she insisted she would also do her action scenes herself. “The action director told Barbara that we have duplicates, but she wanted to do her action scenes herself,” says Anurag.

He further elaborates, “There is scenes where she had to hang from a truck which is travelling at a very high speed. Although there were safety cables, we didn’t want to take a chance and told her that we’d shoot it with a duplicate.”

But smart Barbara came up with a valid excuse and told Anurag that if Hrithik is not using a duplicate then why should she? “Under the pretext that Hrithik is shooting his own action scenes, Barbara said she would also shoot all her action scenes. She is very daring and it was a delight to work with her,” concludes Anurag.

Photo credit: Reliance Big Pictures

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