Bas Ek Pal

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On the music front this month, we have an album that stands out from the rest with its contemporary style and unusual appeal. The talented directed, Onir, returns to the director’s chair after debuting with his critically acclaimed movie My Brother Nikhil last year. This time around he ventures into the concept of relationships set in the urban lifestyle in his latest offering, Bas Ek Pal starring a host of talent compromising of Sanjay Suri, Juhi Chawla, Urmila Matondar and Jimmy Shergill. He repeats his My Brother Nikhil musical team of Vivek Phillip and Amitabh Verma. Joining them this time around are music director Mithoon, guest composter Pritam and guest lyricist Sayeed Quadri. The album opens of with a soft and beautiful Spanish guitar piece as an intro for “Ashq Bhi”. K.K. and Sunidhi Chauhan highlights the song with Amitabh’s simple and romantic lyrics. The sound of trumpets and Spanish guitar flows with ease within the song and is very pleasing to the ears. It is not your regular sugar coated romantic number and it is sure to be a favourite.

“Ashq Bhi Muskuraaye Tum Jo Mile Mil Gayi Hai Zindagi
Zard The Pedon Ke Saaye Bejaan Thi Bin Tere Zindagi…”

The title song “Bas Ek Pal” is next on queue and starts on a subtle note as Dominique Carejo softly repeats the words “Bas Ek Pal” and from thereon K.K. adds on. K.K was the perfect choice for this song as the electric guitar in the background compliments his voice. The remix version is equally great with more electronic rhythms being introduced into the song. A very well composed track by Mithoon.

“Bas Ek Pal Mein
Badal Gayaa Mera Jahaan
Bas Ek Pal Mein
Main Tha Kahaa Kahaa Aa Gaya…”

The duo of K.K. and Sunidhi Chauhan returns again with “Dheemey Dheemey”, bringing back the romantic feel with this rock ballad. This piece being the mandatory love song is very soft and the addition of the saxophone gives it a more western feel.

“Sard Saasen Aaj Tujhe Kuch Kah Rahi Suno Zara
Dheemey Dheemey Dheere Dheere Dhadkanen Badh Rahi Ab Karen To Kya
Dabe Dabe Kadmon Se Aa Raha Koi Nasha…”

After the huge success of the songs “Woh Lamhe” and “Aadat”, the talented Atif Aslam returns with “Tere Bin”. With music composed by Mithoon and soulful lyrics by Sayeed Quadri this one is a sure hit song which will be heard all over. This song would not be the same if Atif had not sung it. The talented singer brings the desired feel and pain in his voice to create the mood of a song about separation from one’s loved one. Eric Pillai’s remix version is equally good. Another chartbuster by Atif!

“Tere Bin Main Yun Kaise Jiya
Kaise Jiya Tere Bin
Lekar Yaad Teri Raaten Meri Kati
Mujhse Baaten Teri Karti Hai Chaandani…”

Guest composer Pritam composes the techno number “Hai Ishq Ye Kya Ek Khata” sung by K.K. and Sunidhi Chauhan. A very energetic and catchy number that is perfect for the dance floor. K.K. is amazing as always and credit goes to Sunidhi for keeping up with him. Regardless of composing only one song for this album, Pritam does not fail to impress the listeners with his originality.

“Hai Ishq Ye Kya Ek Khata
Ek Mitha Zeher Ek Saza
Ek Diwangee Ek Nasha
Seene Mein Tabhe Dard Sa…”

The album concludes with Vivek Phillip’s composed “Zindagi Hosh Mein” with Amitabh Verma’s emotional lyrics. The song is sung by Zubeen, who earlier sang “Ya Ali” in Gangster, and K.K. It is difficult to distinguish between the two singers’ voice but nevertheless they do an amazing job in creating the right mood of the song. Eric Pillai composes the remix version with more techno beats as Zubeen does a solo.

“Bikhre Sabhi Sapane Hai
Bichhade Sabhi Apane Hai
Aaye Bezaar Mausam
Koi Khushi Mil Gaye Gham…”

In the wake of the recent Himesh mania, the world of music has been in a lack of originality and uniqueness but the music of Bas Ek Pal has completed that very need. It is definitely not your predictable Hindi movie album that consists of a love song, a sad song, an item number and various remixes of each song. What you will discover in this album are very modern and distinctive rhythms, soulful voices and emotional lyrics that tell a story through the songs. If you are in the need of something refreshing then this album is a sure fine bet. A clear winner in more ways than one.

Our Rating

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