Beating the Distribution Tussle

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While the producers are still fighting it out with the multiplex distributors over the percentage situation, UTV Motion Productions has come up with an innovative way to cash in on the state. From the beginning of May, there will no movies releasing and in the light of vacant film cinemas, they have decided to release six of their top faring films.

According to UTV’s CEO, “It is the holiday season and there is no new film release due to the ongoing dispute between producers/distributors and multiplex owners. The idea is to bring some of our films back to the theaters.” The production house will be re-releasing Jodhaa Akbar, A Wednesday, Race, Oye Lucky Lucky Oye, Rang De Basanti and Fashion—all of which are UTV’s highest grossing and popular films. The CEO, Siddharth Roy, also went on to explain that this was a great opportunity for movie goers to re-watch their favorite movies on the big screen and enjoy them once again.

All the films will release at single-screen cinemas all over the country. While they will open to a limited amount of shows and prints, if popularity of the movies does increase, the production house will go on to increase the number of shows. The new deal will go into effect May 1st which is a holiday and long weekend for India.

Just in case you got to miss any of the great movies, this is the perfect chance indulge and re-watch!

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