Beautiful to Buff!

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Kunal Kapoor – one of the most handsome men in Bollywood is now going to join the leagues of Salman Khan.

He is currently toning his athletic body into a muscular one for a film that is due to go into production next year.

He’s increased his intake of proteins and has become a patron of pilates and Kalaripayattu (a Keralite martial art) to ‘buff’ up and apparently it’s showing.

And expect to see him grace the small screen ala Salman, in a far and distant future, “I just want to focus on films, but television is definitely an interesting medium to explore.”

He has also signed up for a Bunty Walia film with Sanjay Dutt and directed by Rahul Dholakia (of Parzania fame), “I was really excited about the script when I heard it. I think it’s a great project and very entertaining as well.”

And in other news, Kunal was not born on the 27th of June but 18th of October and he was inundated with birthday wishes recently, “I think lot of websites and the media have printed my birthday wrong and it misleads people. It was weird calling up people and telling them that it wasn’t my actual birthday!”

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